After a few months of writing, recording, and arranging four new songs, Avon Dale is ready to release their first studio EP “Dress it Up” . Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, these songs are some of the bands finest work to date.

After a long summer on the road, the guys returned home to continue their working relationship with Ardent Studio Engineer Mike Wilson. Wilson, who has been at Ardent over a decade now, has worked with high profile bands such as Smashing Pumpkins. Drummer Alec Heist sums up the bands overall feelings about Wilson who they call “Smokehouse”, “He does an awesome job of making everyone feel at home in the studio. Having someone like him at the console makes everything go so much smoother.”

Bassist Andrew Allen, who joined Avon Dale back in March, makes his first appearance on their recorded material. “Drew has some great bass lines on songs. He always manages to fill out the songs in his own way.” said Conrad Polz.  Also, joining Avon Dale in the studio was pianist Matt Welch. Welch, originally from New Jersey, has played shows with Avon Dale in Memphis and Nashville.

“Each of these songs has their own unique feel”, McCarter continues, “you might rock out on one, chuckle at another, and chill to the next, but all the while tapping your foot. We worked hard to expose the different styles that occur in Avon Dale.


After spending the last two months writing new music, Avon Dale will return to Ardent Studios in Midtown Memphis to record a new EP. They will be working with Mike Wilson on developing a four song project. “We’re really excited to get back into the Ardent“, states McCarter, “the place is filled with so much history, it just has a incredible vibe, and it’s right down the block from our house.” Ardent has a long history of producing great music. Platinum Albums line the walls from artists such as Al Green, ZZ Top, Big Star, and Led Zeppelin. Avon Dale will call studio A (pictured below) of Ardent home for the first week of October. Avon Dale bassist Andrew Allen will be joining the band for his first Avon Dale recordings. Also, joining the band is pianist Matt Welch. Alec Heist summed up the band members overall attitudes in a simple way, “We’ve never been this prepared going into a recording session and we can’t wait to hear the final product.

Ardent A

Avon Dale’s next live show will be Halloween weekend in Nashville, TN! 12th and Porter will be there host on Saturday November 1st. 12th and Porter is one of the more premier venues to play in Tennessee. Neil Young, Kings of Leon, and Ben Folds have been featured there in the past. They will take the stage with two other bands for a night of good music with great people. Bring your costume and come party!

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